Footballers’ Housewives

  Abbie Cat, Shalina Devine, Anna Polina, Alexis Crystal  Footballers’ Housewives

In a world where money, fame, sex and power dominate, the fate of three beautiful women footballers stands in the balance.

Lola, Anna and Abbie are three beautiful young women that the world is watching with envy. Married to famous athletes, they live in luxurious villas and are used to sporting the most stylish clothes and lingerie available to go to nightclubs in. Every day, they satisfy the desires and fantasies of taken men who have a totally unbridled sexuality and sometimes without limit.

The world of Lola flips upside down when her husband is expelled from the game during a crucial match. While all sponsors are beginning to turn their backs, a manipulator sports agent tries to take advantage of the situation. Alongside her friend Anna, the beautiful brunette with blue eyes and beautiful breasts, Lola uses all her charms to preserve the good image of her husband. But she is desperate to keep his ideal lifestyle …

Stars: Lola Reve, Lola Taylor, Blanche Bradbury, Abbie Cat, Shalina Devine, Anna Polina, Alexis Crystal

Director: Herve Bodilis